I graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 1986 and soon established myself as a prolific medical editorial illustrator, generating hundreds of commissioned works. Later, I became a computer animator and accomplished senior producer, overseeing numerous interactive projects and luxury brand websites.

During this period of time, I was developing a unique style of intuitive figurative painting, the works created without a clear objective or concept in mind, sometimes loosely based from a reference drawing or photo, but oftentimes not. Unexpected effects and accidents were used in conjunction with a draftsman's hand, pursuing an unconscious objective. The resulting figures make keen use of negative space in order to say the most with the least, while the surrounding environments both support and envelope the forms.
The figures embody both thereness and invisibility, fluid motion and structural form. The generative process is akin to jazz - there is a base ‘melody’ which serves as a foundation for free form innovation. The work is created in somewhat of a trance-like state, with the artist being a conduit between source and realization.
At this point in time I'm excited to start publicly showing these works as I continue the vigorous exploration started some years ago.
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